KINČOK, Branislav. The Case of Karol Šmidke et al. Documents

Presented documents do follow the study published in Pamäť národa 1/2020, dedicated to a less known case which has not been dealt with by the Slovak historiography till now. It is the case of Karol Šmidke, one of the most significant Slovak Communist functionaries. Beside him, also František Hagara, Jozef Hagara and František Mišeje, the three former partisan commanders, should have belonged to key persons of the case. The case of the group Karol Šmidke et al, which was elaborated by the State Security in 1950, was not brought before the court at the end. Nevertheless, is significantly contributes into the mosaic of political persecutions of Communist functionaries and former partisan commanders. Selected archive sources summarise the development and the course of this case investigation.